SuiteCRM (Customer Relationship Management) software incorporates lots of data, it could be related to customers, employees, partners, etc. But, managing and finding a particular set of information from this complex network could prove to be a challenging task. That’s why we have come up with two extraordinary plugins that can assist you in filtering and searching data within SuiteCRM.

Here, we are talking about SuiteCRM Advanced Global Search and Filter Manager extension. Both of these add-ons are designed and developed by the Outright Store. On top of that, we have also fulfilled the CRM requirements of various industries like Real Estate, Call Center, Healthcare, and many more. But in this article, we would only like to discuss our Faster Global Search and Filter Manager plugin for SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM Filter Manager

Now, you might be wondering why you need to use our Filter Manager add-on instead of the default one. The in-built filter does not work properly, especially when a SuiteCRM Module has multiple relationships with other modules. In order to overcome this issue, the users should be familiar with the programming language to create custom filters on their own.

You can skip all over these complex steps by simply installing our extension in your SuiteCRM. This custom filter add-on will allow you to filter the records within the SuiteCRM. Besides this, the admin will have the authorization to share these filtered results with sales agents or other team members. This extension reduces unnecessary efforts to a great extent and saves a huge amount of time as well. Let’s have a closer look at some of the top features of this extension.

Features and Functionalities

For team leaders and admins, these features hold great benefits. The admin can supervise the activity of its team member and assign the tasks at the same time. This surely helps in saving time and improving the outcome of the team.

  • The Admin will have the authority to assign, add, and remove the filters for the team members.
  • Saved filters will be visible on the top of the SuiteCRM Module.
  • The Admin can assign the saved filters to particular roles, a direct user, to teams, and all active users.

SuiteCRM Faster Global Search

Searching for different kinds of records within SuiteCRM software has been a hectic task. Many users frequently complain about the delayed and inaccurate search results from the default search bar. We understood this issue of the users and came up with a solution called SuiteCRM Faster Global Search plugin. You can install it in your existing SuiteCRM system and enhance its capabilities to perform searches.

This extension is way faster, smarter, and accurate than the existing search feature of SuiteCRM. The user will be able to perform searches in desired modules in SuiteCRM, which ultimately saves the valuable time of users. This is only the tip of the iceberg, you’ll get a bunch of other features as well. Below, you can check out the pricing and trial plan of the plugin. Later, we have discussed the key features of Advanced Global Search as well.

Features and Functionalities

This plugin is tried and tested when it comes to performing instant and accurate searches. You can customize the search settings according to your needs as well. Only in this way, you’ll be able to get the most out of SuiteCRM software.

  • The Advanced search add-on will allow you to search in the desired modules within SuiteCRM. The admin can also customize the search modules from the admin panel easily.
  • You can also place the search bar at the desired location or where you’ll find it most appropriate without any issue.
  • The admin will also have the authority to track the search queries and search history.
  • There are three options through which you can filter your search results i.e. begins with, includes, and exact match.

Case Study of the Client who uses our plugin

One of our clients who was previously struggling while searching for a particular record in SuiteCRM started using our enhanced global search plugin. They instantly witnessed remarkable and positive improvements in overall workflow productivity. The best thing they liked about our extension was how it can display the list of modules in which a particular search query is located.

Currently, they are completely satisfied with the performance and reliability of the extension. And our developer’s team is continuously working on improving the add-on.

Final Words

Both of these plugins have proved their worth when it comes to enhancing the existing functionalities of SuiteCRM. And at this affordable one-time price, you won’t get such features in any other tool. Therefore, we recommend you to try any of these plugins at least once.